Check out this new 5 in 1 Desktop MagSafe portable charger by @zeerawireless x THEVOXN.

ZEERA x THEVOXN 5-in-1 Dual MagSafe Charger

Some of my favourite features :

- MagSafe charging for compatible iPhones, AirPod cases, and Apple Watch models

- Built in night lamp

- LED indicators showing that the device is charging successfully

- Minimalist design

- Works with Apple MagSafe devices and Android Qi compatible wireless charging phones

- More affordable than others’ MagSafe duo solution

- USB A port allows you to charge a fourth devices

- Premium leather tray shaped for your small jewelry such as rings, earrings.

- Effortless one-hand detachment with a weighted

- The adjustable MagSafe charging pad allows you to use your iPhone in different position.

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Photo credit:@jaydeepadhar

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