First look at iPhone 13 cases…the iPhone 13 Pro camera is HUGE!!

ZEERA Clear MagSafe Case Gen2

Curious about the iPhone 13? Me too! I recently got a hold of some pre-launch iPhone 13 cases and I was amazed at the size of the 13 Pro camera opening. Apple is clearly planning to have an enormous camera on the 13 Pro.
The camera opening for the 13 Pro Max was also bigger than on the 12 Pro Max, but the difference was only in height, not size overall.
And the case for the 13 is distinctly different than the case for the 12/12 Pro.
The only case which appears to be unchanged from the iPhone 12 series is the 13 mini.
The 12 mini and the 13 mini cases appear identical. Of course, all these cases are pre-launch, and perhaps the information the manufacturer is using will turn out to be incorrect…we will know in a few weeks when the new iPhones are finally announced!
The cases featured in this video can be purchased directly from ZEERA Wireless and are priced at $26.99 for two cases.
Many thanks to the kind folks at ZEERA for sending me out these cases to review. If you have any questions, please feel free to put them in the comments below, and please hit that subscribe button so that you don’t miss out on my upcoming iPhone 13 unboxings and accessory reviews.

Video credit:@The Tech Reviewer

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