Innovation in MagSafe
MagSafe is not a new name, which follows the name of the MacBook computer charging cable, both in connotation and in the form of implementation of both heritage and innovation.
MagSafe charging cable is originally a MacBook laptop charging cable, also with the help of magnetic force. MagSafe charging cable can achieve automatic adsorption with the computer charging interface, which has two benefits. One is that users can achieve a certain degree of blind operation when charging, without deliberately aligning the charging cable with the charging port. The second is that users can take it with them, a gentle pull can separate the line and computer.
The MagSafe wireless charger also has these two benefits. With the magnet coil built into the iPhone, the iPhone and MagSafe wireless charger "click" together firmly. So users don't have to worry about not being able to charge due to misalignment in the process of use. Strong magnets also bring more wireless charging posture and accessories for the iPhone. Such as many MagSafe wireless charging stand now not only allows the iPhone vertical, horizontal placement is also possible, can be said to be a good tool to catch up. Then there are many manufacturers are launching car brackets, charging pouches, card packs, all of which make full use of MagSafe's magnetic suction ability and extend the use scenario of MagSafe. The second benefit is that MagSafe dilutes the process of charging, a gently put charging begins, and a handful of charging ends, do not underestimate the process of plugging and unplugging the line, it is this process that makes us feel that charging is a serious thing.
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