Is there a MagSafe charger worth recommending?

What brand of MagSafe magnetic charger is better? 

1. What is MagSafe magnetic charger?
MagSafe magnetic charger is the first wireless charger launched by Apple in October 2020, using a magnetic design, built-in magnets. You can actively adsorb and wirelessly charge it, charging while playing is achieved, breaking the traditional wireless charging method.

2. The working principle of MagSafe magnetic charger
MagSafe magnetic charging system components structure, unique winding coil to withstand greater receiving power, capture the magnetic flux through the nanocrystal panel. And the use of improved shielding layer to more safely accept wireless fast charging. A dense array of magnets is integrated at the periphery of the wireless receiving coil to achieve automatic alignment and adsorption with other magnetic suction accessories, thereby improving wireless reception efficiency. Equipped with a high-sensitivity magnetometer, the induction of magnetic field strength changes immediately in response. So that the iPhone 14 can quickly identify magnetic suction accessories ready for wireless charging.

3. Advantages of MagSafe magnetic charger
Apple applied the magnetic suction technology to the wireless charger completely solves the age-old problem of difficult alignment of wireless charging. There is no possibility of putting crooked to optimize the efficiency of wireless charging, and it becomes feasible to enhance the power of wireless charging, allowing this generation of iPhone 14 wireless charging power to double from 7.5W to 15W, substantially improving the speed of wireless charging and reducing user waiting time.

4. Recommendable MagSafe magnetic charger

Zeera MagSafe magnetic suction wireless charger: 15W fast charging, 3 devices charging at the same time. iPhone, Airpods and Apple Watch. Save the trouble of bringing multiple charging cables. This adsorption force and Apple's original, are very strong, almost impossible to fall off in normal use.

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