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In this blog post, we'll delve into Patrick's review of the fourth-generation MagSafe car mount charger by Zeera. As a disclaimer, Zeera has sent Patrick products in the past, including a travel charger and a iPhone case, which he still considers his favorite. However, this review is not influenced by Zeera, and all opinions are Patrick's own.

The unboxing reveals the inclusion of a manual, adhesive for dashboard mounting, and the car mount charger. The product offers two variations: dashboard and air vent mounts. 

A notable feature is the active cooling fan designed to prevent overheating during extended GPS or wireless charging use. Patrick demonstrates the easy installation on an air vent and showcases its stability during a trip, emphasizing compatibility with Zeera cases featuring MagSafe-compatible magnets.

Alternative uses, such as tabletop charging, are explored, and the active cooling proves beneficial for intense gaming sessions. In the conclusion, Patrick expresses high satisfaction with the Zeera MagSafe car mount charger, recommending it as a reliable product. Zeera's consistent delivery of high-quality products, making it a trustworthy brand.

ZEERA SUVOLT GEN4 MagSafe Car Mount Charger with Cooling Tech

The ZEERA SuVolt Gen4 is perfect for the iPhone 15 series owner, the iPhone can quickly overheat while playing games or shooting(especially recording ProRes file).

ZEERA SuVolt Gen4 aims to solve this overheating issue with this new semiconductor cooling technology. So we brought the brand new redesigned MagSafe Car Charger - ZEERA SuVolt Gen4. A cooling system sits directly behind the module to circulate cool air and effectively draw heat away from your iPhone, increasing charging speeds.


vedio credit: @Everyday Tech

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