Unboxing the 5 in 1 wireless charger by zeerawireless x thevoxen 🌿

ZEERA x THEVOXN 5-in-1 Dual MagSafe Charger

appy Monday guys! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! 🌿🌱 new week has finally arrived!
Unboxing the 5 in 1 wireless charger by @zeerawireless x thevoxen 🌿
Charge multiple devices such as
•phones •AirPods • Apple Watch etc
Use this by your bedside for charging devices over night with the use of the night light. Which can be used in 3 different light modes. 
It comes with a weighted base 🌿
Been using this charger for the last few days and it’s made such a difference to not having to use so many wires 👀
Have a great week everyone. 🌿🌱
Items in this reel are gifted.

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Photo credit: @walkthroughtime



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