ZEERA MagVolt MagSafe Power Bank + 65W Fast Charger Review!

ZEERA 65W Fast Charging PD GaN Wall Charger

Enjoy my ZEERA MagVolt Apple MagSafe Battery Pack & 65W Fast Charge Wall Adaptor Review. You can buy the ZEERA MagVolt for $44.99 from ZEERA directly here → https://bit.ly/zeeramagvolt and the 65W Fat Charger for $39.99 here
In this video I check out two great products from ZEERA. The first is their second generation Apple MagSafe Battery Pack - named MagVolt - It’s a 5000mAh wireless charging battery pack that also features a USB-C output charging port for wired charging at 20W speeds.

This charge fits well on my iPhone 13 Pro with enough space around the sides to position your fingers and maintain a good grip. It works just fine with the iPhone 13 Mini too - just reaching the outmost edges of the sides and bottom perfectly.

The thickness is just over 1cm, so it doesn’t feel too bulky and its weight of 119grams will not weigh you down once it has been attached to your iPhone, or whilst in your bag or pockets when it’s not in use.

They’ve done away with the attached stand on this second generation of battery pack. A feature I am not too fussed about personally, so I will not miss it. The 5000mAh battery charged my iPad (at 73%) and iPhone (at 66%) up to a maximum of around 17.5W using the bundled USB-C cable or USC-C to Lightning cable, which is not the advertised 20W. Maybe my battery was not ultra low enough to gain maximum speed or this is as good as it gets. Apparently the conversion rate of wire charging is around 80-95%, so performance can vary 1-4W so my 17.5W is deemed as 'normal'.

The same can be said for wireless charging. With maximum speeds of 3.5W being reported from the Amperes 4 app. Again, not quite the advertised 7.5W which should be available at 66% battery and normal system temperature. Conversion efficiency on the market is around 60%, so actual output should be around 4.5W.

Thanks to its newly improved stronger magnet, the MagVolt attaches to the back very well, and just as well through a MagSafe case too. The rotation isn’t as strong and it can be rotated without too much force, but there is some magnetic alignment there to keep it straight on the back of your iPhone.

Overall, as this is my first MagSafe battery pack, I don’t have much to compare it to. It looks great, feels great. Its dual charging will no doubt come in handy for charging other things, such as other non-wireless charging phone or AirPod cases. The MagVolt is one handy palm sized travel companion to have on you.

Next we have the ZEERA 65W Fast Charger. It’s amazing how we’ve been able to increase the power whilst reducing the size of wall adapters, thanks to new GaN technology.

The 65W charger from ZEERA is one such technical marvel, and what makes it even more apparent, is when you place Apple's own 65W charger alongside it. The differences in height is astounding! You’d get two of these chargers in the form factor of Apples one, which is great for travellers.

The charger is lighter also. So that’s helps with travel - gone are the days of lugging around a thick heavy charging brick to power your laptop and devices.

That’s another great thing. Its ports. This charger has three to Apple’s one USB port. That means fewer chargers to carry with you. There are two USB-C ports. Each with the ability to charge up to 65W on their own, or 20W together. There’s a quick charge USB-A port that can go up to 22.5W on its own or combined with all three ports at once.

At 65W though, in such a small footprint, this charger is great for MacBooks, through to iPhones and iPads. Or even all three at once! That’s something you’d not find possible with Apple’s single port charger. So for that alone I would recommend this charger from ZEERA if you’re looking for a multi-port charging powerhouse.

Video credit:@CarPlay Life

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