ZEERA SuVolt Gen4 Active Cooling Qi2 Car Mount Charger with MagSafe supports 15W Fast Wireless Charging

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A Chill Ride: The Ultimate Qi2 MagSafe Car Charger with Cooling Tech

Due to the elevated power consumption of the A17 Pro chipset featured in the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max, especially during gaming or resource-intensive tasks like recording ProRes files, iPhones tend to quickly overheat. Another significant cause of overheating is the introduction of Qi2, which marks a historical support for 15W wireless input on the iPhone. This advancement, while improving charging efficiency, also significantly increases heat generation during the charging process. The ZEERA SuVolt Gen4 is designed to address these overheating issues through innovative semiconductor cooling technology. Introducing the entirely redesigned MagSafe car charger - ZEERA SuVolt Gen4. The cooling system, strategically positioned at the rear of the module, facilitates the circulation of cool air, effectively dissipating heat from the iPhone and consequently enhancing the charging speed.

The Icy Chill You've Never Felt Before

One of the most common problems with MagSafe car chargers is that phones can quickly overheat. It's common because navigating and other tasks can tax your phone, especially while dealing with the sun. ZEERA SuVolt Gen4 aims to solve this issue with this new semiconductor cooling technology for a superior charging experience. A cooling system sits directly behind the module to circulate cool air and effectively draw heat away from your iPhone, increasing charging speeds. Featuring a semiconductor cooling chip, aluminum heat sink, and polycarbonate fan with 360° intakes to maximize airflow. This cooling system automatically turns on when a phone is connected. 

ReDesigned Vent Clip Mount

We changed the installation method of the traditional car phone holder and adopted a hook design, which can firmly hook the air conditioner blade, rotate and tighten it to prevent the phone from shaking and falling.The telescopic hook is made of metal,it will be much stronger, make the phone holder stay in the place.  The bottom of the clip is equipped with soft silicone, which is stable and non-slip and will not damage the blades of the car's air outlet. The ball head(ball joint) of the clip has a diameter of 0.67 inch (17 mm) and is compatible with various detachable car phone holders. The clip is not limited by the shape of the exhaust port, and can be stably installed with the horizontal/vertical/inclined exhaust port. The hook of the clip adopts a rotating and telescopic way to make it easier to install and remove on the exhaust port.

An Extra Mount for Dashboard/Windshield 

This dashboard/windshield mount is designed for those who don't like vent clip mount or turned on the car heater in winter. Attaches securely to dashboards and windshields via a premium multi-angle solid aluminum alloy dashboard mount.

 Powerful Magnetic & Automatic Alignment

ZEERA SuVolt Gen4 built-in 16 x N52 magnets ring, auto-alignment with the charging coil of iPhone 15/14/13/12/11 series, form a powerful magnetic field. Once place your iPhone against the MagSafe car charger, it will auto-lock align with the charging coil for efficient charging. The strong magnetic attachment keeps your iPhone safely held even through the bumps and rapid turns road. Bringing you an even more secure set-and-drive experience.

Detachable USB-C Cable

Easily remove cable when not in use.


ZEERA SuVolt Gen4 can be used to wirelessly charge your Qi enabled devices such as iPhone 8 or later, as well as AirPods models with a wireless charging case, as you would with any Qi-certified charger. It's also compatible with iPhone 11 series when equiped with ZEERA MagSafe Case.


ZEERA SuVolt GEN4 is built for providing a seamless set-and-drive experience, while keeping your new iPhone safely mounted and quickly charged. Making wireless charging a snap. Just place your iPhone against the ZEERA MagSafe Charger and you're good to go. Also a high-quality base and sturdy vent clip mount is included in the box to ensure that your MagSafe car charger stays safely and firmly in place. By using a high-quality ball joint, ZEERA SuVolt Gen4 is so easy to adjust any angle with one hand.  

iPhone Models with Qi2 Compatibility

Contrary to previous information, Qi2 compatibility starts with the iPhone 15 family. Apple has integrated Qi2 wireless charging directly into these devices, showcasing a commitment to adopting leading technology for improved user experiences. Furthermore, with the release of iOS 17.2, Apple extended Qi2 compatibility to include both the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 series, ensuring that users of these models can also enjoy the benefits of Qi2 wireless charging. For more information on the differences between Qi2 and MagSafe, click the blog link below.“Is Qi2 Wireless Charging Better Than MagSafe?”

Faster charging, lower heat

In this video, we tested the charging speed and heat dissipation of the ZEERA SuVolt Gen4. As seen in the video, following its upgrade to Qi2, the ZEERA SuVolt Gen4 experienced a significant improvement in charging speed, reaching a maximum output power of 17W. With the increase in power, the cooling system of the ZEERA SuVolt Gen4 began to operate, rapidly reducing the surface temperature from 30.7 degrees Celsius to 17 degrees in just one minute, even while outputting at full power. This is truly impressive.

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