1. Please peel the plastic off if there is any on the front of the MagSafe Charger. This is a must. As the silicon ring is designed to increase adsorption. (How to peel it off)

  2. Fast wireless charging requires a charging adapter or USB port that supports 20W PD/QC fast charging (not included) and a cable that supports 20W PD/QC fast charging (included). (Difference of charging animation)

  3. ZEERA MagSafe Car Charger is not compatible with any non MagSafe phone cases cause the adsorption is not strong enough to hold your iPhone while driving. 

  4. Please do not use the Car Vent Mount MagSafe Charger while turning on the heating. We also provide a desk mount so it can be used on the dashboard.

  5. If your phone is wearing a phone case, please use the original Clear/Silicon MagSafe case or a ZEERA MagSafe case with enhanced magnet strength. (Leather MagSafe Case is too slippery to hold your iPhone 12 while driving)

  6. It's just normal that MagSafe Charger gets hot while wirelessly charging your iPhone cause it needs heat dissipation.The intelligent temperature control chip built into our MagSafe charger will ensure that every single charge is monitored and safe.

  7. Wearing a non MagSafe case or bucky phone case may result in a lower wireless charging efficiency