Shipping policy

Our first priority will always be our customers' satisfaction. We process and begin the fulfillment process for all orders within 24 hours guaranteed.

Please bear with us as we have noticed some delays in standard postal services even express shipping in a number of countries, because of this please allow more time for your order to arrive than you would normally.

Also be rest assured,our team is here to help. Thank you again for your patience and understanding.


International Shipping (outside EU)
VAT is included in the total price of your order and your order will ship with duties and taxed included.


International Shipping (EU countries)

Import Fees:

Customary import fees, including VAT, brokerage fees, and duties (if applicable) are not included in the cost of shipping and will be collected from the customer by the carrier (DHL or FedEx) at or near the time of delivery.


International Delivery Times:
International delivery times vary widely.  Among other factors, these depend on distance to the destination; how long it takes the package to be cleared and released by Customs in the destination country; and on local delivery challenges, procedures, and restrictions. However, delivery generally occurs within 5 to 15 business days after shipping. To avoid delivery delays, please be prepared to pay your import fees directly to the carrier.


Please Note - Regardless of which shipping method is selected:

  • Holidays, Saturdays, and Sundays are not counted when calculating shipping or delivery days
  • Orders submitted on the weekends, Holidays will not ship until the next business day
  • No specific delivery date is guaranteed when inclement weather or other "Acts of God" (that is, circumstances beyond anyone's control) prevent safe or timely transportation or delivery by carrier or postal employees. In these rare instances, a refund of the shipping fee is not possible.


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