Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions about Apple Vision Pro

Question 1: Can I wear my glasses while using Apple Vision Pro?
Answer 1: No,you can't. The Apple Vision Pro is designed for use without traditional glasses. If you need vision correction, you can opt for ZEISS Optical Inserts, which attach magnetically to the device, offering precise viewing for those who typically rely on glasses or specific types of contact lenses.

Question 2: How can I determine whether ZEISS Optical Inserts are necessary for my Apple Vision Pro?
Answer 2: When purchasing the Apple Vision Pro, you'll be asked several vision-related questions to determine if you need ZEISS Optical Inserts. Generally, if you don't use any vision correction, like glasses or certain contact lenses, you probably won't need these inserts. Apple Vision Pro is compatible with most soft contact lenses for distance vision.

Question 3: How should I submit my prescription for the ZEISS Optical Inserts when ordering the Apple Vision Pro?
Answer 3: After it's established that ZEISS Optical Inserts are needed, you can proceed with your Apple Vision Pro purchase and upload your prescription directly to ZEISS. If you're not ready to upload your prescription immediately, you'll receive an email allowing you to submit it at a later time.

Question 4: Is it possible for someone else to use my Apple Vision Pro?
Answer 4: Certainly, another individual can use your Apple Vision Pro. However, for optimal experience, they might need to adjust the headband or Light Seal size to fit them properly.

Question 5: What will the experience be for U.S.-based customers traveling internationally?
Answer 5: Apple Vision Pro is great for travel and when U.S. customers travel abroad, the experience will remain consistent. That means all of their apps and content will remain accessible while traveling, so they can use apps and enjoy music, TV, and movies.

Question 6: How will Apple Vision Pro function for American users when they travel to other countries?
Answer 6: American users of the Apple Vision Pro can expect a seamless experience abroad, with consistent access to all apps and content. The device also features a Travel Mode for an optimized experience during air travel.

Question 7: Is it possible to purchase Apple Vision Pro in America and use it in another country?
Answer 7: Currently, Apple Vision Pro is available only in the U.S. and is optimized for use within the country, including travel. Expansion to other countries is planned for later this year.

Question 8: What differences will international customers face if they use Apple Vision Pro outside the U.S.?
Answer 8: Non-U.S. users might face limitations with language support, app store access, and ZEISS Optical Inserts. Apple Support is also limited to the U.S.

Question 9: Can I use FSA or HSA in the U.S. to get a reimbursement for ZEISS Optical Inserts?
Answer 9: ZEISS Optical Inserts may be eligible for reimbursement under FSA or HSA plans in the U.S. It's advisable to consult with the plan administrator.

Question 10: Are ZEISS Optical Inserts covered by vision insurance?
Answer 10: Some vision insurance providers may reimburse the cost of ZEISS Optical Inserts. You should check with your provider for eligibility.

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Available from February 2, the Apple Vision Pro is a blend of technology and convenience, starting at $3499. It comes in various storage options: 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB, with monthly plans beginning at $291.58/mo.

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