ZEERA MagVolt Gen4: World's First 10,000mAh Foldable MagSafe Battery Pack for Apple Watch, iPhone & Airpods

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Product: ZEERA MagVolt Gen4 MagSafe Battery Pack
Charging Cable: Standard 20W USB C to C Cable
Color: Black
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Q: How does it charge the Apple Watch and the iPhone/AirPods etc on the same charger? Normally Apple Watch requires a different type of charger since the wireless charging coil transmitter is completely different than those Qi chargers'.

A: We understand the needs of our customers as we all wanna carry as few chargers as possible when we go out. So we integrated these 2 different transmitters and redesigned the PCBA to make it compatible with these 2 different wireless output.


Q: What charging speed does it wirelessly charge your iPhone at?

A: Maximum 15W wireless output & PD 22.5W wire output.


Q: How many watt hours does it have?

A: 38.5Wh (3.85V/10,000mAh)


Q: How many charges will it give a 13 Pro?

A: Standard wireless charging conversion rate is around 70%. So it can fully charge your iPhone 13 pro 2 times. Standard wire charging conversion rate is around 90%. So it can give your iPhone 13 pro nearly 3 full charges.


Q: Can you charge an Apple Watch with a strap attached or do you need to take it off so that it will fit on the charger?

A: Yes, you can charge your Apple watch with a strap attached. 


Q: Does it support pass-through charging?

A: Yes,it does. Simply plug the USB C to C cable into the battery pack and attach your iPhone to the battery pack. They will be charged simultaneously.


Q: Will it block my 13 Pro camera?

A: Most of the existing MagSafe Battery Packs on the market have a flat charging panel and they somehow block the camera of 13 pro especially when the 13 pro is equipped with a case. So we raised the charging panel on our Gen4 and made it slightly higher than the camera to avoid this issue.


ZEERA MagVolt Gen4 is also compatible with iPhone 11 series devices when they are equipped with a ZEERA MagSafe Case


What's in the box

  • 1 x ZEERA MagVolt Gen4 MagSafe Battery Pack
  • 1 x Standard 20W USB C to C Cable
  • 1 x Package Box
  • 1 x Manual


Read before use:

  • (user manual/instruction)

Power Button :

  • Press once to turn it on; Press twice to turn it off.

LED Indicator :

  • White light stays on while it's powered on; White light flashes while being charged;  
  • Green light stays on while charging wirelessly; 

Important notes : 

  • 2 device simultaneous charging(Dual Output)doesn’t work if one of the devices is the Apple Watch wirelessly charging. Because the wireless charging protocol between the Apple Watch and iPhone/AirPods etc is completely different.
  • e.g. iPhone/AirPods wirelessly charging and something else (another power bank, another iPhone), charging via USB-C wired charging works ✅ And Apple Watch wirelessly charging and something else (another power bank, another iPhone), charging via USB-C wired charging doesn’t work ❌

Power adapter sold separately! ZEERA 65W Fast Charging PD GaN Wall Charger highly recommended.


Premium Nylon Braided 100w USB C to C Charging Cable




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